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Bare Bright (Bright and Shiny)


Copper wire and cable that is clean, unalloyed and uncoated, no smaller in size than No. 16 gauge.  The copper can’t be burned and must be hand stripped. Copper pipe is not allowed.

Copper #2


Mixed, unalloyed copper scrap. Also copper that is free of bronzes and brasses, iron and non-metallic waste. Painted copper is allowed.

Insulated #1 Copper Wire


Combined thick strands of copper wire that are insulated. Single strand of the wire group must be 14 gauge or heavier. If insulation were to be removed, it would look like bare bright copper wire.

Copper #1


Unalloyed, clean and uncoated copper in the form of clippings, punchings, bus bar, and wire no thinner than 1/16 of an inch. Copper tubing that is clean is allowed but cannot have fittings or solder on the ends, and no paint on any copper.

Light Copper


Unalloyed copper scrap that is made of sheeted copper. Items such as gutters, downspouts, flashing, boilers, and kettles are examples.

Insulated #2 Copper Wire


Aluminum with excessive iron, plastic, and waste attached. All dirty aluminum motor blocks, complete transmissions, lawn chairs with nylon attached, and Venetian blinds.

USA Scrap Metal and Recycling


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